From Script to Payroll

A streamlined, start-to-finish production experience that harmonizes the details from each day.

Process payroll at the speed of production: from Scripts, to Strip Boards, to Call Sheets to Production Reports and Timecards – synchronized, stress-free data.

This is the production and payroll platform you have been looking for to reconciliate information and departments in a beautiful, flexible, mobile-friendly environment.

Connected Production Reports & Call Sheets

Flexible, smart Production Reports

Create your Production Reports from scratch or convert your Call Sheets.

Super flexible Production Report builder: edit rows, columns, drag and drop the blocks you need.

Add Timecards, Script Reports and Sound Reports.

Customize Timecards for crew and talents, with Time In, Time Out, and Meal Times.

Smart Call Sheets

Locations: Easily find and add the nearest hospitals and parking spaces. No address? No problem! Just drop a pin on the map to generate coordinates.

Weather: High/low temperatures, sunrise + sunset times automatically added based on your location and shoot day.

History logs: Keep a history of all edits and restore previous versions if needed.

Delivery analytics show you who received the Call Sheet and when.

Smart messaging: Your email distribution is tailored to the content of your Call Sheet with information automatically added to your email before you hit send.

Flexible, fast, beautiful templates

Production Reports and Call Sheets formatted for easy mobile access.

Create multiple templates and adjust to your production needs... and personal tastes!

Or duplicate the same template over and over again.

Super flexible Production Report and Call Sheet builder: edit rows, columns, drag and drop the blocks you need.

Email as a PDF or share in-app.

An end-to-end production experience

The power of connection: Call Sheets are automatically generated from Strip Boards based on the shoot day, scenes, locations and characters.

Import your script into easy drag-and-drop scenes and banners to create custom Strip Boards.

Or import your Strip Board from MovieMagic Scheduling.

Connect talent to characters and locations to sets – the software, not you, will tell everyone where they need to be and when.

From set to payroll

Push Timecards directly to your payroll platform ProHire and update wage information for your entire team on a daily basis.

Effortless coordination: from Call Sheet, to Production Report, to Payroll, carry the same information over - or correct it along the way - to save valuable time in processing your crew and talent payroll.

Select job position and overtime before pushing Timecards to Payroll, ensuring accurate payroll calculation and happy, correctly paid crew members.

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