Production Planning

Schedule your productions and share effortlessly with your team. Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether it’s a commercial, a music video, a TV series, or a feature film – scheduling can be a headache. With ever-evolving production schedules, it’s critical to use technology that gets the job done at the speed of production.



Calendars Created



Users Invited



Events Scheduled

The most flexible tool for your production schedule

Simple to use for complex scheduling

Setup new calendars and invite users in seconds. Create customizable categories and events for better organization.

Print to PDF and share with third-parties instantly.

Reschedule with ease

With a couple of clicks, move some or all events to accommodate production changes.

Snapshots allow for saving versions of a calendar at various stages.

Drag and drop events for an intuitive calendar-building experience.

Master calendar reports

Run reports to show all calendars in a single slide.

Customize themes to differentiate between two or more calendars.

Hide/Unhide categories and events to only display things you want to see.

Customize holiday schedules

Select holidays per country.

Union holiday schedules available for major guilds and locals.

Create your own holidays and create dark days.

Seamless features for a seamless experience

Web Based

Access anywhere, anytime with as many users. No need to download software.

User Management

Enhanced user permissions allows for control over who has create/read/write access to start paperwork and timecards.


Easily setup projects and create start paperwork and timecards for prompt payment to employees.

Merge Calendars

Production and post-production calendars can be created separate and later merged.

Recurring Events

Create events that recur weekly or monthly with chronological numbering.

First and Last Day

Mark and display total production days for the calendar. From Pre to Post.


Print calendars with custom header/footers and various date ranges for internal or external sharing.


Dedicated team to train your staff and provide upgrades based on your company needs.

What our clients like about ProCal


VP of Production @ IPC

"ProCal is the perfect calendar solution for all production companies. The ability to have all of our shows scheduled in one program and designate user access is unprecedented. Every new team member that we add to this program is relieved that there is finally a one-stop location to build, manage, and easily organize every day on each show."


Show Runner / Executive Producer
@ Weaverville Productions

"ProCal has changed everything about my production schedule workflow - for the better. Making and, even more importantly, revising and shifting schedules is easier than it’s ever been. I run unscripted television series and our schedules are always changing - especially now. ProCal’s functionality is ideal for this. There is simply no product like it or even close to it - nor has there ever been. I recommend it to every EIC & VP I work with and they all thank me."



Production Executive
@ Ugly Brother Studios

"I am so glad Revolution came along. I have used other web-based payroll services and find ProHire to be much easier and less redundant to use. The only thing better than ProHire is their client support."


Financial Controller
@ Emshee

"As a career finance executive for 25 years, Revolution has become my go-to payroll company. The software is innovative and nimble. I’m able to get work done in a fraction of the time."


Chief People Officer
@ Madison Wells

"The foundation to a long-lasting working relationship is selecting a company that has the best user-friendly technology around and exceptional customer service. This is Revolution Entertainment Services! From day 1, the level of attention and responsiveness that I have received has been nothing less than professional, consistent and timely. The simplicity of ProHire for the user makes the onboarding and payroll processing easier, painless and more efficient. In all honesty, partnering with Revolution Entertainment Services has been a game-changer that I wouldn’t dream of ever-changing for Madison Wells."


@ Asylum Entertainment Group

“One of the major reasons we switched from [competitor] is communication. All the correspondences we have received are straightforward, no sugar coating, and it makes Asylum stand behind Team Revolution and cheer for their success.”


Freelance Production Supervisor

"TrueBudget is the new way forward in commercial budgeting! Any time I have a question, tech support responds quickly and gets me the help I need. I can’t say the same for some of the other budgeting software out there."


Executive In Charge of Production
@ Fly On The Wall

"In a position that relies heavily on creating functional and flexible production calendars, ProCal is proving to be an essential tool. The easy-to-use interface and ability to have multiple shared calendars in one location have made the scheduling process for productions not only easier but incredibly more efficient. As anyone responsible for tracking the ever-changing dynamics of a production’s schedule will know, this software has been missing in the industry for far too long."


Freelance Commercial Producer

“I’m a big fan of TrueBudget and have been using it exclusively for dozens of commercial bids since its launch two years ago. For me, there’s no competition and when it comes to customer service. They have always been quick to respond with solutions and open to suggestions. No other bidding program offers the flexibility and customization as TrueBudget. Dare I say it almost makes the tedious task of bidding enjoyable.”


Lead Production Accountant

"I like how easy ProHire is to use and how it seamlessly goes from start to timecard without jumping from one platform to another. It also alerts you so you know what has and has not been done. I also find when doing union work it becomes a very handy tool as the system will alert you to the minimums for a job title - so if there is ever a question you can pop it in and find out instead of digging thru the union books."


Post Producer

"I've scheduled over a hundred episodes of television during the past decade and have been looking for a calendar program that makes my life easier not harder. Many of the existing programs are clunky and force you to sacrifice either functionality or design. With ProCal, I'm able to easily manipulate the information I need without having to create multiple versions for networks, internal use, etc., and it is pretty too. Thank you ProCal! I'm a fan."


Freelance Production Supervisor

"The interface is so user friendly, and easy to navigate. It's nice to finally have a glitch-free program to work with."

Find the right plan for your projects

ProCal Basic

Get started with ProCal and explore all its features with the free version.


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1 users

5 guests*

Unlimited calendars
Unlimited events
Sync across multiple devices
Dedicated support

ProCal Plus - Indie

Invite more people to access and contribute to your production calendar.


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2 users

10 guests*

Unlimited calendars
Unlimited events
Sync across multiple devices
Dedicated support

ProCal Plus - Studio

Big productions need big teams. Enjoy ProCal with unlimited access.


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50 users

Unlimited guests*

Unlimited calendars
Unlimited events
Sync across multiple devices
Dedicated support

ProCal Plus Network

Big productions need big teams. Enjoy ProCal with unlimited access.


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Unlimited users

Unlimited guests*

Unlimited calendars
Unlimited events
Sync across multiple devices
Dedicated support
*Guests are individuals external to your workplace, such as friends, family, contractors or clients. Collaborate privately by inviting guests on individual pages.

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