Revolution's Origin Story

It all started with three veterans of the entertainment industry who got tired of the antiquated structures they had to work with.

They envisioned: A world with a software suite dedicated to productions and their specific needs, and services backed by experts who will always pick up the phone.​​

The rise​

In 2017, they launched Revolution with no clients, no employees, and no funding, but decades of experience and this grand vision to create the most respected and customer-focused company in the industry.​

They listened. They built. They delivered. Without over-promising, tricky sales, or staged presentations. Developing trust was a priority. And with every satisfied client, their reputation grew.​​

Finding the right partners​

After bootstrapping the first 3 years of operations, a Series A investment from Ridgepeak Partners fueled Revolution’s expansion. They took their time in finding the right investment partner that shared our values and long-term goals. They rejected the idea of bottom-line focus, providing real value to both our team members and clients – and Revolution grew. The Series A was followed by a Series B by Ridgepeak Partners, with the company’s valuation quadrupling within 15 months.​​


As of this writing, Revolution is one of the only entertainment payroll companies today that was founded and is majority run by people of color. More than half of the people working at the company are persons of color, and roughly 50% are female.​​

Supporting the community​

Beyond payroll and services, we aspire to help bring the change we want to see in the industry - and in society at large. Our initiatives include volunteering for charities, sponsoring events and programs, raising awareness through our blog and social media, and interviewing people who are leading change to amplify their voices.

If you would like to work with us on a project, we would be thrilled to serve you.

We believe in earning clients by honoring our commitments, exceeding expectations, and earning trust.

We are obsessively passionate about our clients’ success, and we are not interested in growing at any cost.

We believe client retention is not an accident, it comes from a mindset of treating people well.

Meet our leadership

Sukhi Pabla
Founder and President
Charlie Steiner

Founder and Chief
Executive Officer

Stephen Chow
Founder and Chief
Operating Officer
Deborah Press
Sr. Dir. of Product Development
Tina Bassir
EVP, Sales & Client Success
Laura Marshall
Dir. of Technology Platform Support
Russell Davis
Chief People Officer
Nilu Pabla
Chief Financial Officer
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