Production Accounting

Built for the web. The next generation of production accounting is here.

Minimize manual processes with easy data entry and reporting.  With helpful features, controls, and an easy to use interface, ProBooks makes production accounting a breeze.

Welcome to production accounting 2.0

Accurately record and report all production accounting data

Enter all activity – Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc. – via easy-to-use screens.

Produce any reports that you need – Cost Report, Trial Balance, General Ledger Report, etc. – in PDF or spreadsheet formats.

Fully paperless workflow

Store digital copies of invoices and other documents

Copy spreadsheet data from other applications

Cost reporting

Drill down to the data that makes up the costs of individual accounts, including links to the individual transactions

On-the-fly calculations in the worksheet

Seamless features, seamless experience

100% Web Based Accounting

Via any modern browser, nothing to install.

Advanced Search Capability

Find any transaction that contains a particular word or set of characters in multiple fields.

Periods and Effective Dates

Can use both periods and effective dates, as opposed to having to pick one or the other with other competitive systems.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Show just what you need for a better focus.

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