Digital Crew Onboarding for International Productions

Working on international productions? Use, create and customize start paperwork templates from a number of different countries. Create custom onboarding workflows, adjusted to each production, with mobile-friendly forms, and send documents for electronic signing, with a legally binding eSignature.



Documents Distributed



Contacts Created

A better end-to-end service

Create, customize and distribute your deal memos, contracts and legal documentation, for any number of teams and individuals.

Simple electronic signing means your team can sign their documents wherever they are. Our documents are encrypted, legally binding and entirely protected for the highest possible security.

Free your team from paperwork

Track email opens, attachment downloads, and get notified of any delivery errors, for total peace of mind.

Automatically generate individual watermarks, safeguarding against security breaches.

Send yourself test emails to make sure you’ve included everything you need.

Legally binding eSignature

Our contracts can be signed on a smartphone, so no matter where your team are, they can get the job done. Our eSignatures are 100% legally binding, complying with US and European Union eSignature laws.

We’re all about transparency

You’ll be notified at every part in the signing process, so you’ll know exactly who signed and when.

Streamline international collaborations

We offer standard Start Form templates from a number of different countries, meaning that if your crew is in South Africa, your cast is in the UK and your editing team is in the US, we make it easy to get across exactly the info they need.

Protect what’s important

All your documents are encrypted, legally binding and entirely protected for the highest possible security SetKeeper is officially vetted by studios InfoSec teams worldwide. We undergo routine information security audits by Studios and top experts in the industry to ensure your data is always protected.

Integration between production office and payroll

Generate fully compatible .xls or .csv files to upload in your payroll software for a fully end to end workflow, from production office, to payroll and audit.

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