September 22, 2023

Work with your Production Assistant to Maximize Efficiency and Collaboration!

The production process is a team effort, and effective delegation is crucial for maximizing efficiency and collaboration.

If you’re a Production Manager, delegating to your Production Assistants will help you save time and help them grow professionally.

To delegate effectively, start by identifying tasks that can be assigned to Production Assistants without compromising quality.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Assigning research tasks, such as finding shooting locations, props, or vendors, to a Production Assistant can save time and provide valuable information for decision-making.


Have a Production Assistant manage and coordinate schedules, including booking appointments, arranging meetings, and organizing travel arrangements.

Script Distribution

Task a PA with distributing scripts to cast and crew members, ensuring everyone has the necessary materials for rehearsals and filming.

Asset Management

Assign a PA to track and manage production assets, such as equipment, costumes, and props, including inventory control and coordination with the appropriate departments.

Production Office Support

Have a PA assist with general office duties, such as filing paperwork, organizing documents, and managing office supplies.

Call Sheets and Daily Reports

Delegate the responsibility of creating call sheets and compiling daily reports to a PA, ensuring that all necessary information is accurately documented and distributed.

Running Errands

Assign a PA to run errands related to production, such as picking up supplies, delivering documents, or making equipment returns.

Vendor Communication

Have a particularly organized and money-savvy PA handle communications with vendors, including gathering quotes, negotiating contracts, and coordinating deliveries.

Researching and Booking Accommodations

Task a PA with researching and booking accommodations for cast and crew members during production, considering budget, location, and specific requirements.

Permits and Legal Documentation

Assign a PA to assist with obtaining permits and ensuring all necessary legal documentation is in order.

Managing Petty Cash

Delegate the responsibility of managing petty cash, including recording expenditures, reconciling receipts, and ensuring proper documentation.

Production Meeting Minutes

Have a PA attend production meetings and take detailed minutes, capturing important decisions, action items, and follow-up tasks.

Equipment Set-Up and Breakdown

Assign a PA to assist with setting up and breaking down equipment before and after shoots, ensuring everything is properly organized and accounted for.

Catering and Craft Services

Have a PA coordinate catering and craft services, including ordering meals, arranging dietary restrictions, and ensuring timely delivery.

Crew Communication

Task a PA with disseminating important information and updates to the production crew, ensuring everyone is informed and on the same page.

PA Manager

Finally, for the ultimate in delegation, choose a PA with the most experience and maturity to oversee all the other PAs performing these roles and to only come to you in the most urgent circumstances!

Even if you’re operating at the speed of production, take the time to clearly communicate expectations, deadlines, and desired outcomes to folks you delegate tasks to.

Regularly follow up to ensure progress and address any concerns or questions that arise.

By leveraging the strengths of each team member, production professionals can use the office’s collective range of skills and expertise, leading to more efficient and successful productions.

Exceptional organizational skills are indispensable for production professionals in the dynamic world of TV and film production. By embracing delegation, you can elevate your organizational abilities and excel in your role!

The Revolution Team

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