June 09, 2023

Our Interview with long-time Revolution advocate Jennifer Winter

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Winter, one of our earliest and most loyal customers. An industry veteran and accomplished production professional, she gave us her no-holds-barred opinion and thoughts on Revolution as a company and the positive impact it has had on her work life.

“I can tell you what makes them special: it’s the people. Revolution has such an amazing team and they do just go out of their way for everybody.”

Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. Quality of service is a crucial aspect for any entertainment payroll company. What do you think makes Revolution support so special?

“With the support you get, you don't feel like you're in queue and somebody may get back to you in three days. You get a response immediately, and even if the support team doesn't know the answer, they communicate with you, which I think is lacking in all businesses. To be honest, all of us really just want to be heard. When I write or call you, even if you don't know the answer, you’ll say ‘Jen we're looking into it. We'll get back to you.’ That's all it takes. They'll have somebody behind the scenes who can, a few days later, let you know that you were able to generate that report I needed. Whereas 90% of the time with other companies, when you reach out to someone and they don't know the answer right away, you just get silence. I love that you make us feel special immediately.”

How do we compare to other payroll companies in terms of price and lead time?

“You guys are very reasonable in your rates and your lead time is particularly awesome. From my experience working with other payroll companies, there are so many hoops to jump through and so much paperwork - maybe you'll get up in a couple weeks. With Revolution, I can send a budget and I can be up in a couple days with a non-union project.”

What’s your favorite part of using our software solutions?

“Both ProBooks (accounting) and ProHire (onboarding) are so intuitive - you don't need to take a class or watch YouTube videos. You're not digging through menus of options and features; it's just incredibly intuitive from the moment you log on.

Also, one of my favorite things: it's intuitive for the crew members as well. They log in to create a timecard or do their start paperwork and 1, 2, 3, it's done! That makes a big difference. I always send out an email letting them know they’ll be onboarded with Revolution and tell them to reach out if they have any questions and I never get a question. It's very, very intuitive for both the crew and the and the accountants.”

What keeps you coming back to our team time and again?

“When I need something, I know that I've got somebody on the other end of the phone, whereas I can't be sure of that at another company. You're constantly waiting everywhere and with Revolution even if they can't fix it, at least you know they're working on it.

You’re not just lost in a sea of clients - it really does feel like a family there. Revolution actually cares. You are always treated with the same importance.

“Every payroll company messes up. There's no such thing as perfection in any part of life. But what I love is that you accept the responsibility, and you immediately take care of it. And you're just so quick to value your clients and not make us feel like we're lost in the sea. And that's truly why I say stay with you guys and why I'm very loyal.”

Jennifer Winter

Production Manager

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