February 28, 2023

3 Ways the LA Fair Work Week Ordinance Impacts Film Finance Professionals

In recent years, Los Angeles County has been at the forefront of enacting progressive labor laws aimed at protecting the rights and well-being of workers across various industries. One such significant legislation is the LA Fair Work Week Ordinance, which will go into effect on April 1, 2023.  

Overview of the LA Fair Work Week Ordinance

The LA Fair Work Week Ordinance, unanimously approved by the City Council, is designed to address scheduling practices that negatively impact workers' lives. It applies to employers in specific industries, including the film industry, with over 500 employees worldwide and 100 or more employees within the City of Los Angeles.

Key Provisions and Requirements

Advance Notice of Work Schedule Changes

One of the central aspects of the ordinance is the requirement for employers to provide employees with advanced notice of their work schedules. This includes at least 14 days' notice for schedules and any subsequent changes. However, effective October 1, 2023, employers will be required to provide 21 days' notice.

Offer of Additional Hours to Existing Employees

Under the ordinance, employers must first offer additional work hours to existing qualified employees before hiring new employees or utilizing staffing agencies. This provision aims to enhance job stability and provide opportunities for current employees to obtain more hours of work.

Predictability Pay

If employers make changes to an employee's schedule with less than the required notice, they must provide additional compensation as predictability pay. This pay is intended to offset the inconvenience caused by sudden schedule changes.

Record keeping and Compliance

Employers covered by the ordinance must maintain records related to work schedules, schedule changes, and predictability pay for a period of four years. Additionally, they are required to post notices about employees' rights in visible locations and provide copies of work schedules to employees.


Implications for Film Finance Professionals:

1. Budgetary Considerations

Film finance professionals involved in project budgeting and financial planning should account for the potential increase in labor costs due to predictability pay and adherence to the scheduling requirements of the ordinance. It is crucial to ensure compliance while mitigating any adverse effects on project budgets.

2. Enhanced Communication and Planning

With the advanced notice requirements, film production companies will need to improve their internal communication and planning processes. This involves coordinating with various departments, such as casting, production, and post-production, to ensure smooth scheduling operations while respecting employees' rights.

3. Collaboration with HR and Legal Departments

Film finance professionals should collaborate closely with Human Resources and Legal departments to understand the specific obligations and implications of the ordinance. These departments can provide guidance on compliance measures, record keeping requirements, and necessary updates to employment contracts and policies.


The LA Fair Work Week Ordinance represents a significant development in labor regulations within Los Angeles County. For film finance professionals working in the region, understanding and adapting to the ordinance's provisions is crucial to ensuring compliance and maintaining a productive and fair working environment. By incorporating the necessary adjustments in budgeting, communication, and collaboration with relevant departments, film production companies can navigate the changes brought about by this ordinance while continuing to thrive in the vibrant entertainment industry of Los Angeles

Emily Winters

Customer Experience Manager

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